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John Waltrip
Mon, 18th Dec 12:00 AM, 2017

Promo Art 2: The Cast!

Here's a shot of the cast of characters that were featured in the first episode "Where No Man Can Go".

From left to right:

Service Android G-01 (Let's call him "Gene")

Chief Engineer Gerhardt "Gerry" Lars

Medusan Navigator Xenos

Communications Officer Lieutenant Vaani Chandra

Chief Medical Officer Doctor Claire Rosemont

Captain Nathan Harbinger

Science Officer Commander Thev Yz

Helmsman Lieutenant Irene Fern

Ensign Donnell Duffman

and Saurz! a Reptilian Engineering Technician

Starting tomorrow there will be another story right after this one,(see how soon that was!) but not a full "episode", just a short story,(aw). After that there will be a break for the holidays and new years, and then, well... we'll see.

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Mon, 18th Dec 12:13 AM, 2017

Cool montage.
I wish that I could have experienced the same level of success that you have in the art world, but it was not in the cards.
Thanks for being humble enough to converse with the little guys like me. It was flattering.
Take care.

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John Waltrip
Mon, 18th Dec 1:19 AM, 2017

Thanks, Chris.

You take care too.

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Mon, 18th Dec 2:41 AM, 2017

The first adventure certainly was a very nice ride.

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Mon, 18th Dec 6:06 PM, 2017

This crew has much potential! And a cool captain.

(It's so hard to let go: Kirk would have ridden the ship to pieces and would have saved the Talinov with sheer luck. Janeway would have used her assets in the best way but would not have stopped until she would have found a way to enter the distorted space. Picard and Archer, I don't know, I think they would have tried to find a way to enter the distorted space, too, only less hard than Janeway. Does Sisko count? I have no idea how he would have reacted to the situation. But so far, Nathan Harbinger is the only one who went over this limitation as lighthearted as he did. That's new and IMHO very valuable. Well, maybe Picard would have acknowledged the limitation as final, too... Okay. I hope I'm done with this now.)

What surprised me in this shot is that Thev is so tall. I thought they were all more or less the same height, with the exception of Xenos, of course.

Looking forward to the short story now. You spoil your readers, man ;D

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