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John Waltrip
Sat, 16th Dec 12:00 AM, 2017

Page 77!

I think that "here be monsters" line was used in a Next Generation episode, but I'm not sure which one, maybe "Where Silence Has Lease", but I'll have to check on that.

The original series was always good at wrapping things up with a nice phrase, the ol' "moral lesson minute" at the end of the episode.

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Sat, 16th Dec 1:51 AM, 2017

"To Boldly Try and Go Where No Man or Woman Has Gone Before And Then realize That we Can't Go There Because It's Too Dangerous!"

I think that is a nice, eloquent and to the point slogan for Captain Harbinger to repeat every time there is an episode of Enterprise-G...

Or not!

Great job!
I really get a feeling of nostalgia from the old "Moral Lesson Wrap Up"!
I used to watch Star Trek TOS with my grandfather as a kid.

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John Waltrip
Sat, 16th Dec 12:39 PM, 2017

It might be a bit long though. ;)

Thanks, Chris.
That's a nice memory to have.

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Sat, 16th Dec 10:33 PM, 2017

like that line from the Federation president in Undiscovered country. "Just because we can do a thing. It doesnt necessarily follow that we must."

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Sat, 16th Dec 1:55 AM, 2017

This is a nice comeback to all the TNG examples of "Let's see what's out there!" (that usually came back to haunt them later)

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John Waltrip
Sat, 16th Dec 12:42 PM, 2017

Thanks, Jas.

One page to go.

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Sun, 17th Dec 7:25 AM, 2017

Well said, Captain!

There is a meme that's about trying over and over again until you succeed, something I really disagree with. This here is what I think everybody should do instead: Find your limits and once you know why you can't go further, don't waste your time and efforts on trying again, instead focus on the things you CAN do. Much less frustrating and you get things done instead of fruitlessly trying over and over.

Well, the Caption said it much better.

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