An Incorporeal Interlude Page 11


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John Waltrip
Fri, 29th Dec 12:00 AM, 2017

Page 11

And have a Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, that does it for Enterprise-G this year. It took a long time to do these stories, and I'm glad they were received so well. I've enjoyed everyone's comments very much. There will be other episodes next year, I just don't know exactly when those will be. The best way to stay informed about new pages going up is to subscribe, then you'll be immediately notified of any new posts.

Thank you all for reading, and I'll see you next year!

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Fri, 29th Dec 12:30 AM, 2017

Merry Christmas. Have a very happy new year.

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Fri, 29th Dec 12:42 AM, 2017

Hey! I recognize the Douwd now! He erased an entire civilization with just a thought because they killed his girlfriend or something on Star Trek TNG!
The Organian is from the original series but I forget which episode. I think I remember that guy appeared in order to chastise an immature "Godling", or baby God for being reckless, or was that a different episode?
Anyway, you are an excellent artist!

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Fri, 29th Dec 1:20 AM, 2017

That old man with the woman? Manifested as an unbeatable ship to get the enterprise to leave them alone?

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Fri, 29th Dec 3:31 AM, 2017

The only one I recognized on first sight was Q. The others look familiar but I couldn't place them. Too long ago... I'd need to (re)watch a lot of it... but I will not find the time, besides TV seems to be not much fun anymore, I rather read comics. They are in between books and movies, still leave a bit imagination (= brain activity) to do and I can read them at my own pace.

John, thank you very much for the ride! You caught the spirit of Star Trek just perfectly with the first one and the second one was well within the realm but with more humor than I found in the series.

Have a great 2018! (Well, I hereby wish everybody who sees this including myself a great 2018 ;P I guess we all could make good use of that.)

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Fri, 29th Dec 4:38 AM, 2017

Here's the Zalkonians:

The appearance of the Thasians:

And the Paxans -

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Fri, 29th Dec 5:05 AM, 2017

It's a straight up GOD CONVENTION in that room.

The booth prices must be outrageous.

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Fri, 29th Dec 11:07 AM, 2017

Great holiday splash page! The art is wonderful and very happy. Thanks! Happy Holidays and New Year!

I'm looking forward to more Enterprise-G in 2018. :)

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Fri, 29th Dec 2:47 PM, 2017

Aww, those who have one turned into their corporeal forms for the picture! And Q even put on his most formal outfit! (As opposed to his "standard" outfit, which seems to be whatever is the current Starfleet uniform, with captain's rank pips.)

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Tue, 27th Feb 9:43 AM, 2018

Still looking forward to the next story, I'd even settle for tribbles ;)

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Thu, 19th Jul 8:43 AM, 2018

Any word on the next episode?

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