Star Trek Enterprise-G will return after a short break


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John Waltrip
Mon, 6th May 12:00 AM, 2019

I really, really hate to have to do this, but... I have no choice at the moment. I have to suspend posting pages for a while.

I have injured my drawing hand.

And I need a little time for it to heal.

It shouldn't take too long, a couple of weeks at most.

So sorry about this. Just hang in there and I'll resume posting as soon as I can.

Thank you all for reading thus far, and we'll continue real soon.

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Mon, 6th May 12:07 AM, 2019

Damn. Sorry to hear about that. I hope it gets better soon.

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Big Nemo
Mon, 6th May 5:23 AM, 2019

Get well soon!

We will be here waiting ;-)

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Mon, 6th May 12:54 PM, 2019

Injuring your drawing hand is of course rather unfortunate when you are doing a webcomic...

Well, get well soon! :-)

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Fri, 10th May 9:12 PM, 2019

Oh. :(

Get well soon!

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John Waltrip
Sat, 18th May 1:37 PM, 2019

Thank you all for your kind comments and wishes of wellness. The hand is better, but the healing process is taking longer than I thought it would. It looks like it may be another couple of weeks. So sorry about this. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

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Mon, 20th May 8:29 AM, 2019

No! Need Trek Now!

Seriously, is the most important thing. We can handle a couple more weeks.

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Hows the Hand?

Steev Ramsdell
Tue, 29th Oct 9:09 AM, 2019

Just checking in on you, John. How's the hand doing?

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