Enterprise-G  Episode 2  The Innocent Routine  Page 75


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John Waltrip
Fri, 10th Jul 12:00 AM, 2020

Page 75!

Coming out of warp!

And everybody looks okay so far. Nobody's growing gills... yet.

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What's all this physics then

Fri, 10th Jul 12:35 AM, 2020

If you have to travel almost at light speed to catch up with someone ... Also travelling really fast, how can you still catch up with them by going to Impulse ??? Is that light speed PLUS impulse? I'm bemused, it doesn't square with my understanding of how warp drive mechanics work ...

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Fri, 10th Jul 1:21 AM, 2020

Because the alien ship is either stationary, or moving at impulse? So if the Enterprise doesn't slow down, it will shoot past it?

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Fri, 10th Jul 1:20 AM, 2020

Shields up! Red Alert!
Fire photon torpedoes!
Fire Phasers!
Initiate "The Picard Maneuver"!
Duck and Cover!

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