Enterpise-G  Episode 1  Where No Man Can Go  Page 49


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John Waltrip
Sat, 18th Nov 12:00 AM, 2017

Page 49!

And another "name drop". Section 31 had to pop up sooner or later.

and it's hard to come up with a phaser sound effect word that looks good and works.

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Sat, 18th Nov 12:21 AM, 2017

Section 31?! Grr... THEM.

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Sat, 18th Nov 1:02 AM, 2017

Damn. I knew I should have watched more episodes of Deep Space 9, I never even realized it was section 31 that infected the changeling/Founders with that virus...
Those guys are bad news.

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Sat, 18th Nov 1:04 AM, 2017

I love the diamond shape of the phasers.

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Sat, 18th Nov 9:17 AM, 2017

Grr. Had to be 31. Great twist

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